This project started in Colegio Santiago de León de Caracas (CSLC) as a response to the results achieved from the first Ibero-American study of the use of screens among children and adolescents of which we are part of.

 “Interactive Generationswas a sponsored study and it was developed by Telefónica Foundation and University of Navarra.

The objective of the study was to identify consumption habits, timing and consumed information through different screens. 

In 2007 social media started just to position itself and become a major phenomenon. Facebook and Youtube were just emerging as small giants, and the first iPhone was arriving into stores.

The first results we got from the study caused us great concern as many of our students were exposed to risk situations on the Internet,and also on cable TV channels and programmes with no censorship. NO-one was doing anything, screens burst into our students’ rooms without supervision and control, and cyberbullying was something people talked about, but still seen as a distant reality.

Based on this reality, we committed to include tools and experiences to support our students to be able to identify opportunities, advantages and risks of being online. 

At the end of 2007, we outlined a coherent and progressive class schedule to train our new students in responsibility and online security. This is how Ciberbrigadista or online safety brigade was born.

By then, our motto was: Think, Write, Revise and Share.

With Ciberbrigadista we are training a whole generation of students and creating activities for children and young people in different age groups. We are designing a large number of materials, these are resources which nowadays produce a campaign through social networks including everyone regardless of age as we are all online and nobody teaches us how to become a good Internet user.

Over the years, Ciberbrigadista has taken direction and catchphrases from ‘Using The Internet sensibly’ to ‘Share responsiBLY’.