#CIBERBRIGADISTA Más de 15 años creando proyectos y actividades con el objetivo de formar #ciberciudadanos

  • Creatives
    The Internet is awashed with opportunities, let’s make the most of it.

  • Responsible
    Our premises “Using The Internet sensiBLY” and “Sharing responsibly”.

  • Supportive
    Creating and supporting awareness campaigns on values and rules for a healthy coexistence on the net.

  • Critical
    NOT everything on the Internet is true. Fake news is fashionable.

  • Proactive
    Joining efforts and talent to create a safety brigade and training against bullying and other ciber scoundrels.

Ciberbrigadista by ElTeclas.UK

The aim is to offer training for a responsible and creative use of the Internet and internet-enabled devices. Innovative project which in its beginnings targets primary-school-age children, geared towards seeking and organizing information, and the responsible use of emails, social media and digital reputation.
Setting up  training activities in the pursuit of promoting healthy coexistence on the Internet and the responsible use of internet-enabled devices. 
Creating an international community which encourages initiatives and activities to promote the responsible use of the Internet.
Proposal of Value
To offer resources and documents with the aim of providing training in creative and responsible use of the Internet and internet-enabled devices.
We are passionate about our job, but we are required to adapt to the new times and reinvent ourselves. Therefore, webinars are a useful means which enable us to get closer to each of you.
Based on dynamics and games we explore the online world and its internet services under the premise of creating without restrictions and responsibly.
We create communication actions and communication campaigns to promote the Internet and web resources.
We open up and offer you our experience in the development of subjects and learning materials, as well as our anecdotes and stories when building up a responsible and engaged cyber community.

Nuestras fortalezas

"The magical side of ElTeclas is the freedom to create '' without restrictions and responsiBLY'.

Ciberbrigadista is born in the Colegio Santiago de León de Caracas. We invite you to visit our history. We invite you to know our history

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